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Here are the simple steps

  1. SCAN the QR code

  2. Download our APP

  3. Register your APP

  4. Start SAVING!

  • 3 cents per gallon on all gasoline purchases!

  • Fountain and Coffee Clubs- Buy 5 get the 6th one FREE!

  • Collect points and redeem for specials!



  • Can you briefly explain the entire process, from sign up to rewards?

The easiest way to participate in our ESP Rewards program is to download the App and fill in the registration information. Once you have completed this the only thing you will need to do to earn points is to use the phone number you entered on the App whenever you make a purchase.

To get points inside the store, after your transaction has been rung up and before they cashier collects your payment the pin-pad will ask if you are a loyalty member.  Simply enter your phone number on the pin pad and the points you earned will be recorded to your account.

To get points at the dispensers, before you do anything else push the bottom button on the right-hand size of the dispenser screen which will say, “Loyalty”, then enter your phone number and then fuel as normal.  Once your fueling is complete the points you earned will be recorded to your account

As soon as you have acquired enough points to get a reward, simply go into the App and select the reward you wish from our rewards catalog, and the next time you purchase that item, it will be free.

  • How do I link my new ESP card with my App?

To link your ESP Magnetic Stripe card to your App, start on the main screen of the App and select the 3 parallel lines ☰ on the top left-hand side of the main screen.

Once inside the Settings Menu, choose the Settings option, then choose Rewards Account.

Here you should see an option that says Express Stop Points, which has a picture of our ESP Card on the left and a plus symbol + on the right, select the plus symbol to add your card to your App.

You will be prompted by a box wanting you to enter the 18-digit ESP card number which is located on the back of your ESP Loyalty card.  Once you hit enter, you should see in small green print below the card, “This card is Linked”. That is all there is to it.

  • Do I have to have a smart phone and the App to participate?

Absolutely not.  You can get an ESP card at any Express Stop location.  Once you have it, visit  Here you will set up a user id and password as well as fill in your name, address and phone number information.  You can then continue using the card to get points or use the phone number you entered instead of carrying the card to acquire points on your transactions.  You can check on your account at any time by going to the above site and entering in the user id and password you established.  Once you have earned enough points to choose a reward, simply go the website and choose your reward.  The next time you are in one of the stores and purchase the item you chose for a reward it will be free.


  • How can I get additional questions I might have about the program answered?

The simplest way is to use the Feedback section on the App.  We monitor these and try to be as responsive as possible.  Additionally, you can visit our website at and go to the ESP section.  This part of our web site provides more information about our ESP Program.

  • What is a QR Code?

QR stands for Quick Response code.  It is basically a type of barcode that contains information and has been widely adopted as a method to communicate such information to smart phones.  Our code contains the web address to download our App.  Scanning it with your smartphone will take you to the download page for our App on the Apple Store and if you have an Android based phone it will take you to the download page for our App on the Google Play store.  Of course, our App is always free!!

Download the app and start earning points today!

Express Stop App on iTunes 

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